Italian Mid Century sofas,chairs and lounges

Own a piece of history. Our wonderful collection of original Italian Mid Century sofas and chairs still inspires design of our modern world. These pieces best represent the philosophy of Italian design which spaced from the 1940s through the 60s. From Art Deco chairs to rare Italian sofas, original Mid Century products restored to their natural beauty. Our Italian collection of seating furniture includes rare and hard to find pieces which were outsourced in Italy from our design team!

Italy’s history and culture expressed in timeless historic furniture products. Italian Mid Century design is highly in demand and more people are looking for unique products for their home. It is easy to get confused about Mid Century designs. There are “reproductions”, “style like modern” lower quality product, “in the manner of” furniture pieces; and there are the original ones. Our art gallery specializes in authentic and original Italian Mid Century furniture, products made between the 1940s and the 1970s and restored to their original beauty maintaining their original signs and characteristics. Our selection of authentic Italian Mid Century furniture includes highly in demand dining chairs and dining tables, mid century sofas and lounge chairs. We restore our chairs and sofas, the work is performed by an Italian restorer directly in Italy. Our Mid Century chairs and sofas are ready to use  and are designed by the major Italian architects of the 20th Century period.