Italian Mid Century Furniture on Sale

We offer special deals and promotions on selected Mid Century Furniture from our collection of authentic Italian Designer pieces. Take advantage of special prices and inquire about the best offer available for each furniture piece. 


We offer special promotions on our selection of authentic Italian Mid Century furniture with focus on the available products from our studio gallery, ready to be picked up and delivered in the shortest time. Find discounts and sales on our Italian Mid Century Sofas and storage pieces. Collector items from the most important Maestri of the Italian Period, produced between 1940s and 1970s, restore by maintaining the authenticity and originality of each product. 

Mixing a piece of history into your modern home is a way to preserve history, to appreciate the work of the hands and minds of the great Italian "Maestri" from the Italian Mid Century period. That is why we have dedicated an entire branch of our activity to the sourcing of  authentic and original Mid Century Furniture, restored by the hand of Italian restorers keeping the original signs of time intact, which characterize the quality and importance of this furniture. Even just one piece will enrich your house with history. 

Our policy with regard to the treated pieces is to leave them as much as possible to their natural state with minimum restoration unless its strictly necessary for conservation. In our view an object retains its charm and value even, and especially, in the imperfections and signs that the passing of time has left on them. We believe that time is indissociable from the creative work that lives and matures: you need to respect the integrity and the natural state of every historic piece, avoiding superficial cosmetic interventions and restoring only when strictly necessary for conservation.