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Celebrities love the 70s: Italian 20th Century Design celebrities homes

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Tobia Scarpa

1970s Italian Sofa "Soriana" by Cassina

The 70s were colorful, rock and roll and big, the years of exploration and awareness as well as the fights for equality and peace. In Italy, it was the best moment for Italian Design which was started to be celebrated worldwide; think about New York, where in 1972 the Museum of Modern Art put up a full exhibition of Italian Design home products calling it the “New domestic landscape”, furniture was becoming fashionable. 

Many design pieces have better represented the spirit of that particular period and are still recognized today not only by renowned architects and designers but also by celebrities. Among such pieces, we might remember the Proust Armchair by Alessandro Mendini or Le Bambole armchairs by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia and other designs by Achille Castiglioni, Marco Zanuso, Cini Boeri and Afra & Tobia Scarpa. All of the pieces created by these Italian architects are not only telling us a story today, but they are transferring us that emotional contents which became part of our history. 


A beautiful design piece from the 1970s was featured in celebrity designer's Malibu home Kelly Wearstler. The Soriana sofa and armchairs by Cassina, designed in 1969 by Tobia Scarpa were graciously erecting from the huge living room area of this magnificent California mansion.  

Afra & Tobia Scarpa -  Working together since 1957 these architects' range of field spaces from buildings to interior design, from restoration of ancient palaces to industrial design projects. They designed furniture and lighting pieces for Gavina, B&B Italia, Cassina, Flos and Knoll International, and have designed factories and offices for Benetton. In 2015 Flos the Italian leading modern lighting manufacturer dedicated a full exhibition of Scarpa designs in their Milan Showroom in Corso Monforte, showcasing furniture pieces, lighting, sketches, watercolor works and much more. Immediately after graduation at the University of Venice in 1969 Tobia Scarpa won the prestigious price “Compasso d’Oro” for his Soriana armchair designed for Cassina. Since then he has been awarded many other design prices and his works can also be found in museums worldwide 

Italian Mid Century Sofas | Tobia Scarpa Sofa


The Sofa -  The Soriana is an iconic Italian Design Piece, great example of Italian Modernism, won the Compasso D'Oro in 1969 one of the most important design award of that time. The Soriana was manufactured by Cassina in the 1970s and the idea is that to express beauty and comfort by using  a whole bundle of fabric or leather hold by single steel clamp. The Soriana Collection is a collector piece and part of the history of Italian Design.


This lovely piece have found its place in one of the most acclaimed fashion and interior designer Kelly Wearstler who chose it for its Malibu Home as featured on Architectural Digest and In Style and Elle Decor Her selection of natural colors for the Soriana sofa and armchairs beautifully blends with the rest of her home design and we absolutely love the outcome. You can find the full article here 


Advertising from the 1970s of the Soriana Sofa by Cassina 

Advertising from the 1970s of the Soriana Sofa by Cassina 

Advertising from the 1970s of the Soriana Sofa by Cassina

Advertising from the 1970s of the Soriana Sofa by Cassina