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20th Century Design dining table by Paolo Buffa, luxury details


Details are important; they contribute in defining the elegance and quality of our 20th Century Design Italian furniture. Like this featured extraordinary dining table with a unique shape and so many different luxurious features. Attributed to Paolo Buffa this 20th Century Italian Dining Table has a rectangular shape while the corners are rounded and smooth to enhance the sleek geometrical legs. The table top faces have contrasting wood inlays attributed to Giovanni Gariboldi and contrasting  profiling. The legs have brass details and brass feet. This 20th Century design table attributed to Paolo Buffa is made of palisander wood.

You can match this 20th Century table with different styles chairs from the same period for the ultimate 20th Century design set ! 

Milan based architect Paolo Buffa  (1903-1970) started drawing furniture at the beginning of 1930s in the studio of Gio Ponti, his furniture designs were realized by renowned artisans with prestigious materials and woods as they were destined to fulfill the houses of Milan bourgeoisie. 

This Paolo Buffa dining table shows an elaborately inlaid frieze on gilt profiles

A detail of the leg from this 20th Century Paolo Buffa dining table, brass and contrasting wood profiling. Note the lovely angled position of the legs 


Beautiful decorations on table top faces, foliage decor in contrasting maple wood and all the visible natural veneering of the wood top contribute to make this dining table a luxury collector design piece. 

Designitalia Mid Century modern imports high end luxury 20th Century Design pieces, outsourced in Italy and restored maintaining their original beauty and features. Our collection of Mid Century Modern Italian design includes pieces from Gio Ponti, Paolo Buffa, Pierluigi Colli, Osvaldo Borsani, Marco Zanuso and many more great masters of the 20th Century Italian period. Browse our collection of storage cabinets, sofas, dining furniture and accessories. 

New 20th Century Italian Design coming soon: Paolo Buffa High Back Lounge Chairs

Our staff of Italian purchasing agents dedicates a big length of time in researching for the most wonderful 20th Century Italian Design. As you might have seen from our website we offer a selected and curated collection of Mid Century Modern Design from the 20th Century Italian period. Each product is unique and one of a kind and can be used as your Art Piece in your modern or contemporary home. 


Each product is carefully restored by keeping its original features intact to respect the piece. After all you would not want an "antique" piece which feels completely redone and its lovely signs of time completely covered up otherwise what would be the point of buying an "antique" piece if we might not call it as that? They are carefully checked , re polished or re upholstered  made available to the use and their 20th Century soul still keeps intact. 

These gorgeous Paolo Buffa High Back Lounge Chairs are the exact interpretation of beauty, they have been reupholstered with a lovely blue velvet fabric. These Lounge Chairs by Paolo Buffa are a classic design piece from the 20th Century Italian Design Period, the sculptural details such as rounded and smooth wooden base and refined armrests represent the testimony to this great heritage. Italian Mid Century Modern Design is very popular and very successful at art auctions worldwide.

Italian Mid Century Chairs | Lounge Chairs | Paolo Buffa | Mid Century Modern

These Lounge Chairs are comfortable and of a moderate size with a  100 cm height - width of 70 cm - depth 80 cm, use them with your contemporary furniture or modern pieces or add up to your Mid Century Italian collection.

Designitalia imports authentic Italian 20th Century design furniture and modern Italian furniture from Italy and if you are looking for a particular piece which is in your heart just contact our office and we will be putting our best effort to find it for you.

These Italian Lounge Chairs Paolo Buffa will be available soon . Contact our office if you are interested in purchasing them .  If blue is not the color you were looking for, we have another exact pair which will be freshly upholstered with brand new luxurious Italian white leather and dark wood the perfect color combination, book them before they are gone!  

Mid Century Modern Italian Design | Mid Century Furniture | Lounge Chairs

Trade discount applies - please contact us for trade pricing

A lovely and elegant console table by Paolo Buffa

When it comes to Mid Century furniture our Italian purchasing manager put a lot of effort in researching unique Mid Century modern  Italian pieces. Our main goal is to select furniture pieces which will blend naturally with customers other contemporary and modern pieces.   During one of the many trips to Italy we have scored a versatile and elegant console table whose design is attributed to Architect Paolo Buffa. 

This beautiful console table dates 1940 but still preserve a modern flair making it versatile and of greater use in a hallway or entryway. There is a neat and meticulous work behind this authentic Mid Century piece. There are 6 practical drawers. The details of this Mid Century console table are shown in the threaded maple borders which extend into the legs as well.

The front drawers are exquisite with maple threads each depicting a maple inlay star beneath the handles. This is a modern Mid Century furniture pieces, authentic Italian Mid Century piece which has been restored in Italy by a third generation Italian restorer. 


Our company outsource and import high end Mid Century Modern Italian furniture | Mid Century furniture pieces by architects and designers such as Paolo Buffa, Gio Ponti, Osvaldo Borsani, Marco Zanuso, Lella and Massimo Vignelli, Franco Albini and many more. #Italian #MidCentury #furniture