Royal Treatment : Italian Mid Century Dining Chairs

From our Italian Mid Century Furniture collection department a new set of fantastic chairs are ready to be shipped and fulfill the home of one passionate collector of 20th Century Design.  Osvaldo Borsani Varedo Dining Chairs reupholstered  with brand new 100% cotton velvet in a vibrant red with a luxurious oak structure and brass ornaments at front base with brass inlay into the front legs. These 20th Century designed Dining Chairs have been restored  maintaining their original wood color, authenticity and charm; more information can be found on our dedicated pattern side for Italian Mid Century Furniture at  where you will discover a wide collection of Mid Century chairs and sofas, lounge chairs, storage cabinets and decor pieces.  

True historic pieces of art, 20th Century Design & Italian Mid Century furniture. 

We carefully select unique pieces, from the Art Deco and Post-War Italian Period, restore them through the hard work of a third generation Italian restorer and one skilled Italian upholsterer, and bring them back to life, to be relived again by you. Original 20th Century Design furniture with a particular attention to Italy and the amazing creations of that particular period of our history.

Through our dedicated website  you will find a selection of Italian Art Deco furniture and Mid Century design pieces as well as selected antique products and home decor  accessories.  We do not sell reproductions but original and authentic collector pieces ! 


When needed, we restore each piece to its natural beauty with the help of an experienced Italian restorer from third generation. We are very passionate in our efforts to maintain the same standards of craftsmanship of the original manufacturers when restoring these little works of art. 

In our restoration projects we use no industrial machinery, almost all our tools are the very same ones used at the original time of manufacture and throughout the process we follow the original furniture makers' methodology- down to the final layer of varnishing and lacquering. Our paramount concern is to maintain the original integrity of the piece as dictated by the designer and manufacturer.  With the exception of  parts that are beyond repair and may impede every day use - locks, handles and padding- we substitute no parts. And, because we believe every piece has a history and a life story to tell, we leave the smallest imperfections to remind you.