Italian Three-Arm Floor Lamp 'Triennale' Arredoluce Style

Triennale Three Arm Floor Lamp Mid Century Arredoluce Style.jpg
Triennale Three Arm Floor Lamp Mid Century Arredoluce Style.jpg

Italian Three-Arm Floor Lamp 'Triennale' Arredoluce Style


Italian midcentury style floor lamp adjustable three-arm lamp ‘Triennale’ style. Conical shades black (also available white or multi color) , Carrara marble base, arms and body made of solid brass and hand wax painted. Each arm features counter weights of the same color of the shades.

This lamp is a fantastic made to order new floor lamp inspired by the looks of 1960s lighting such as Stilnovo, Sarfatti and Arredoluce style lamps. These lamps have their own unique designs and are given that vintage look very similar to the originals which are now almost impossible to find on the market.

Personalization of the colors for the cones and marble base are available so please inquire.

New and made to order, shipped from Italy. This is a made to order lamp created to pay tribute to the timeless and iconic style of the Italian Mid Century period. It's vintage effect represents a clear aesthetic approach to pay tribute to the 1960s style lighting.

The electrical part can be wired for your country socket and if you have any particular request let us know.

Complimentary shipping to United States, Canada, Continental Europe. Other countries please inquire.

Height 71" diameter and sizes varies based on how you position the lights and arms.

Note: The patina on the brass is done appositely to obtain that vintage effect, it is NOT a defect but an aesthetic detail inspired by the Mid Century lighting of the 1960s and 1970s which gives a unique imprint to these designs. This product is a custom made to order new item, inspired by the 1960s styles, listed 'in the style of' Stilnovo but not a re-edition or an original and does not belong to Stilnovo collection. It is not a re-edition or a replica of a copyrighted chandelier. Listed 'in the style' of to facilitate buyer's research.

Made in Italy.

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